- comfortable, reliable software.

what we do

lardysoft provides technical services to customers producing software solutions. lardysoft also creates ebusiness software and online services.

why we do it

a large part of why we do it is because we enjoy it. this obviously makes us quite picky so we tend to do interesting stuff that's hopefully going to make a difference. we try to do things in as open a way as possible to avoid any vendor or technology lock-in. specifically, we don't develop anything to any microsoft apis and, although all our solutions will run on windows (coz they'll pretty much run anywhere), we'd certainly recommend that you run them on more sociable machines.

how we do it

pretty much everything we develop is in java. we use the netbeans development environment to make the software and we deploy our own systems on sun's java enterprise system running on solaris. let's face it - why would we do anything else?

our products and projects

as well as our consultancy work we're developing iSortIt, the website for Churchill Maths and also an e-business solution for Arkworld.

if you have any questions or want some software then please mail lardy. thanks.